golfIt’s time to talk Golf Conditioning, Guys and Girls! You may be mentally prepared to hit the course, but is your body ready? I ask again – is your body really ready for your weekly, bi-weekly or more games? Or do you just hit the course, play your heart out and then sit in the clubhouse thinking – or even talking – about aches and pains?

It’s time to start strengthening and stretching your arms, legs and “core”, to give you the power and stability necessary for those long drives and ‘feel’ shots. There are many ways to increase your flexibility allowing for more rotation in your swing, and to assist in maintaining a great spine angle. Pilates combined with TRX suspension training is one of the best.

Check out these very “do-able” moves using the TRX and the Pilates Reformer. How can they NOT help with your handicap?

The TRX Golf Rotation to Windmill is a fantastic, dynamic rotational stretch that really makes sense for every golfer.

Golf Conditioning on the Reformer by STOTT Pilates