Bones and Balance - Pilates Essentials Plus

Welcome to our Bones and Balance Programme!

Bones and Balance - Pilates Essentials Plus

We have good news and good friends waiting for you! Every week we have many people join us – just like you – who are looking to improve their balance, increase their flexibility, decrease their aches and pains and build stronger muscles that will take on daily tasks easily and confidently. We help you every step of the way to becoming stronger and more balanced.

Why us?  We too are aging and are determined to do so with dignity and big smiles.  Plus, we are genuinely interested in helping others feel better – and that’s that!  We are not about jumping around to loud music or “going for the burn”.  We are about taking you from where you are now to a better place where you feel stronger, move easier and feel great.  We are also specifically trained to help our aging community and have been doing so for over 10 years.  This means we know our stuff and you will always be in good hands!!

Bones & Balance Vertical

This upright Pilates class is geared toward the young at heart.  Created for those who want the benefits of Pilates, but aren’t too keen about getting down onto a mat, this class is taught from a seated or standing perspective.  With focus on strength, flexibility, bone-building, balance and finding confidence in one’s hidden abilities, this class is improving quality of life and independent living for many mature adults.

Pre-requisite:  Bring your smile and you will fit right in!

Bones & Balance (Beginner’s) Reformer

This class is the beginning of the journey to using the Pilates Reformer.  Like our other Bones&Balance groups, this class was created for our aging community with focus on building strength, stamina and confidence for tackling the tasks of daily living.  The format of this class is “slow-start-and-build-momentum” and is perfect for beginners or those with concerns that using equipment will be “too hard” to do.  Our job is to convince you otherwise!  Safety is paramount and we jump at the chance to show you just what you are capable of.

Pre-requisite:  No previous Pilates or Reformer experience is necessary.  Just bring your willingness to learn and get stronger!

Bones & Balance Reformer

This equipment class is geared toward the young at heart and caters to the specific needs of each participant.  Slower-paced and much more hands-on than other Reformer classes on our schedule, safety is paramount and modifications to basic exercises are offered whenever necessary.  Suitable for those who are unsure of using our Pilates equipment, the purpose of this group is to improve balance, build confidence and create stronger muscles and bones so daily tasks are performed with ease.

Pre-requisites:  1 hr of private training OR Start-Up Reformer AND/OR approval from studio instructors

Bones & Balance TRX

The TRX is an incredible piece of equipment that provides support for each participant while allowing for safe challenge of balance and stability, all while building strength and improving joint mobility.  This particular class has been designed with our aging community in mind – the very people most in need of strong bones, healthy muscles and good balance to ensure independent living is what the future is all about!

Pre-requisites:  A willingness to learn, be challenged and gain strength!

Urban Poling (Activator Poles)

Free up your hips and shoulders while gaining confidence in your walking ability! The new Activator Pole class is aimed at improving your posture and standing ability while strengthening your legs, hips and core muscles. The same exercises learned in class can also be taken home so you continue to get stronger faster! Walking with the Poles will reduce impact on your major joints allowing your body to accept the tasks of daily living with greater ease and comfort. Many of the exercises will be performed while seated in a sturdy chair.

Pre-requisite: No previous experience is necessary. As long as you are open to improving your balance and strength, you will fit right in!