Therapeutic Pilates

If you’ve “tried everything” to no avail, then
YOU are exactly who we are looking for ….

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to eliminating back, neck or joint pain.

Do you have ongoing aches or pains that just won’t subside?
Do you live with back or joint pain that hasn’t changed with other therapies?
Do other therapies only ease your pain for a short period of time?
Have you been told surgery is your only option or that you just have to “live with it”?
Are you frustrated by or depressed because of your joint or back pain?
Are you afraid to exercise because you might make things worse?
Have you “tried everything” and nothing has helped?

There is another option … our Therapeutic Programme!

We are confident that Therapeutic Pilates is the answer to finding, and maintaining, pain-­‐free living. And we admit – we are often the “last resort” in the chain of therapies chosen for pain. Yet, on that note, we can boast that we have heard “I wish I would have come to you years ago” spoken aloud more times than we can count.

Our approach is simple. We observe your posture, as well as how you walk, sit and move through space. There is great information hidden within these common tasks, telling us what muscles are tight, which ones are weak, where your body is overworking and what parts are simply not doing their job. From there we teach you how to move differently, sit properly and line up your bones they way they should be – tension free. As your body begins functioning as a whole, with spine, arms, legs and feet all working equally, an amazing thing happens – pain often subsides – even when there is an underlying condition such as a herniated disc or degenerating joint.

Take a look at the testimonials below sent in by some of our clients.

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