Beginner’s Reformer

This class is the starting point for anyone new to the Reformer. You will learn what’s what about the equipment – all the parts, what they do and how to make adjustments for your own body and level of ability. Basic exercises chosen for the trunk, upper and lower body will be introduced along with breathing technique. Proper posture and positioning on the Reformer in sitting, standing, kneeling and lying down will be taught while performing various exercises in each of these positions. With the Essential Level repertoire as its foundation, this class is the “gateway” to all other Reformer classes on our schedule.

Pre-requisites: No previous experience is required.

Essential Level Reformer

The Essential Level Reformer repertoire will be covered in this class along with Intermediate Level prep exercises and perhaps introduction to a few Intermediate exercises. Modifications will be provided as needed, along with creative ways to approach more difficult exercises. Be prepared for introduction to use of small equipment to add challenge to exercises – including the Jump Board, a safe and fun tool that adds an element of cardiovascular work to the overall exercise plan. This class is appropriate for anyone looking to move beyond Beginner Reformer and for those ready to add more challenge to their Pilates classes.

Pre-requisites: Beginner Reformer or Reformer private training experience.

Intermediate Reformer

This group class is a challenge with both Essential and Intermediate Reformer exercises woven together to create a smooth flow with few ‘breaks’. Be prepared for a pace that’s on the quicker side of the fence. Stability and balance will be challenged while flexibility and power are enhanced through more complicated movements requiring spatial awareness and co-ordination. Clients entering this class should have a desire to challenge the mind as well as the body with not only the Reformer, but its accessories – the Jump Board, platform extender, weighted balls, fitness circle, FlexBands, etc.

Pre-requisites: Beginner Reformer, Essential Level Reformer or reformer private training experience.

Intermediate Reformer Plus

A challenge with Essential and Intermediate Reformer exercises woven together to create a smooth flow with few ‘breaks’. A quicker pace. Stability and balance, flexibility and power are enhanced with more complicated movements requiring spatial awareness and co-ordination. A desire to challenge the mind as well as the body with not only the Reformer, but its accessories, is essential. A step up from Intermediate Reformer.

Pre-requisites: Beginner or Essential Level Reformer or Reformer private training experience.

Mixed Levels Reformer

This class allows for clients with varying levels of Reformer experience to all participate in the same group. Those with more experience will adjust their Reformer, their body positioning and/or use small equipment to make exercises more challenging, while those still new to the equipment will find guidance and assistance from the instructor. Everyone will participate in the same exercises while being provided with variations and modifications to suit individual goalsand needs.

Pre-requisites: 1hr private training session AND/OR approval from studio instructors

Back Care Reformer

With a therapeutic influence, this back to basics class is invaluable for injury recovery and good posture. Specifically chosen reformer exercises in sitting, standing and laying down, will move joints gently through their range. The core focus is on the deep abdominal muscles and the smaller muscles closest to spine. Hip, knee, ankle and shoulder exercises make this class relevant to maintaining quality of life.

Pre-requisites: No previous experience is required.

Pilates Tower

This class is designed to change things up and to expand upon the skills of Pilates Matwork by incorporating the Cadillac Tower as the main piece of equipment. This class will open the door and guide you into the realm of one of Joseph Pilates’ original pieces of resistance equipment.

Pre-requisites: Previous experience in Matwork or Equipment Training.

Men’s Reformer

While all of our group classes welcome both men and women into the mix, it was suggested to us that perhaps a guys’ class would be a good idea. So, we’ve taken it to heart and put a group on the schedule just for men.  It makes sense actually, since Pilates was created by a man and was originally meant for men!  This Reformer class is an awesome introduction not only to the Reformer, but to the Pilates method in general.  Geared toward the manual laborer or the sedentary office worker, the focus will be on easing stiffness and improving posture while building strength to alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain. This means fewer missed work days due to injury or chronic pain.

Pre-requisites: No previous Pilates experience is necessary.