Pilates Studio

Nestled in the quaint community of Ridgeway, Ontario, Heather Lee Reid of Heather’s Pilates Plus Studio offers Pilates instruction for both general fitness and therapeutic needs, with specialty in injury recovery, pain management and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for discovery of the best physical and mental You possible, while under the care of world-class instructors who know their “stuff” and continuously strive to learn more.


We will provide you with the very best in PILATES instruction, to ensure you improve your strength and encourage your mind at a pace that’s designed for YOU and ONLY YOU. Even in group class settings, we take care of every person’s needs according to his or her ability. We are passionate about Pilates, believe in its benefits, and commit ourselves to your success.

We are always learning more and improving our skills. The body is a complex system and cannot be properly cared for without up to date information at our fingertips. We spend many hours each year learning through continuing education courses to ensure you are receiving the best of the best in Pilates instruction, backed up by the most current information and techniques from the top teachers and biggest ideas running through the industry. We PROMISE we will never become complacent in our learning, “stuck” in our teaching methods or over-confident in our abilities. Each and every year we will strive to bring you new programming, further improvements, fresh ideas and a stronger sense of community than we have in the past.


We believe more is more. We have carefully chosen add-on programs that take the foundation of Pilates a step or two further into the realm of functional fitness using equipment outside of that created by Joseph Pilates. You will benefit tremendously from having so many choices to “change things up” for we know that a well-rounded program gains its strength from many different approaches to good health and longevity.